We believe that good design should be seamless. It should blend in with existing architecture and not be obtrusive. In many cases, it should disappear. In cases where we are adding cabinetry to an existing home, it should not look like an afterthought.

Our designs range from traditional New England to the more contemporary. But because everything we build is commissioned, our designs are your designs. We build what you want. We are very good listeners.

We build cabinetry that we have designed, as well as cabinetry that has been designed by others. Below is a list of some of the architects that we have worked with in the past:

Robert L. Nevins; Tuscon, AZ
Studio Watt O’Keefe; Cambridge, MA
Saslaw Associates; Concord, MA
Steven C. Hayes; Brewster, MA
Spacesmith; NY, NY
Architectural Design Inc.; Orleans, MA
Arch-itects 33; Chatham, MA
Konstant Architecure Planning; Chicago, IL